Psychedelic research and medicine: For the second time, the non-profit MIND Foundation is hosting the international conference INSIGHT from September 9-12, 2021   

Research, educate, discuss: The international conference INSIGHT 2021 is a unique opportunity for experts from research and medicine as well as the interested public to exchange knowledge on the topic of psychedelic therapy and research worldwide. A total of 70+ speakers from the fields of medicine, psychiatry, psychotherapy, neuroscience, philosophy, social and political sciences, public health, business and politics will give presentations. “We again expect participants from more than 50 countries, among them Switzerland, England, France, Israel, Canada and the USA. There is a lot of interest in exchanging experiences and transferring knowledge about these new therapies. Currently, we are seeing a lot of movement on the topic of psychedelic medicine. Such research and new treatment approaches in medicine in general need lively exchange. And that is exactly what INSIGHT was created for”, say MIND founders Andrea and Henrik Jungaberle. All lectures and panels can be followed via the livestreaming service Airmeet. Online participation is still possible at Ticketholders get access to the entire recorded program as well as additional panel discussions over the course of the six months following the conference.  

The hybrid conference, which is already sold out on-site, will take place at Berlin’s Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus in Mitte. Speakers include Prof. Dr. Gerd Gründer (Central Institute of Mental Health Mannheim/ZI), Prof. Dr. Gül Dölen and Prof. Dr. Matthew Johnson (both Johns Hopkins University), Dr. Katrin Preller (University of Zurich/Yale University) and Prof. Dr. David Nutt (Imperial College London). The ZI is currently conducting – together with Charité Universitätsmedizin and supported by the MIND Foundation – the world’s second largest study EPIsoDE on the treatment of depression with psilocybin.  

In 2019, 600 attendees participated in the first INSIGHT. In 2021, seven (partially endowed) MIND Awards will be presented for the first time. Among them are awards for young scientists.   

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About the MIND Foundation  

The MIND Foundation is a non-profit science and education organization. It advocates for the safe and legal use of the psychedelic experience in therapy and society. MIND trains physicians and psychotherapists in psychedelic therapy and is committed to providing high-quality, science-based education to the public.    

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