The Drug Science Program offers a unique interdisciplinary and evidence-based approach to knowledge about psychoactive substances.
Being the first program of its kind, we have developed this platform for academics, health practitioners and the general public. You will be able to acquire and integrate knowledge and practices from different disciplines and professions.

We provide four modules and an online platform to learn about psychoactive substances on a professional level. Everything you will learn in this program is built on theories and data grounded in different scientific disciplines.

You can visit single modules or complete the whole course. Upon completion of the four modules and successful examination you will obtain the Drug Science Certificate.

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Module I “Psychoactive Substances – Basic Knowledge” teaches a broad knowledge base. You will learn how to address and integrate the scientific terminology about psychoactive substances and altered states of consciousness. You will gain an understanding of the history, effects, potentials and harms of psychoactive substances, the different cultural and scientific traditions that formed around them, as well as various models of drug regulation. We will cover main substance classes, and a review of the relevant neurobiology, neurochemistry and neuroanatomy.

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Module II “Psychoactive Substances – Drug-related Emergencies” will teach the basics of how to react to emergencies related to drug use. This will cover both professional knowledge, critical care protocols and algorithms used by first responders like paramedics, anaesthesiologists and emergency doctors. For example: the “toxicodromes” and capabilities to react to emergency situations in your personal environment.

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Module III “Psychoactive Substances – Pharmacology and Neurobiology” expands and deepens your knowledge on how drugs interact with the human physiology on a molecular level. We will differentiate the pharmacological effects of the different substance classes and how they modulate activity on various neuronal networks. The main goal is to provide you with well-structured, state–of–the–art information on the biochemical and neurobiological levels.

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Module IV “Psychoactive Substances – Psychedelics” will be about this special class of substances and its aim is to expand your knowledge on classical psychedelics like Mescaline, LSD, Psilocybin, Ayahuasca and DMT. Additionally, substances like 5-MEO-DMT as well as rather novel compounds like the NBOEMe group will be dealt with. Content includes set-and-setting, trip–sitting and the clinical application of psychedelics by health professionals against depression, anxiety and other indications. We will also cover the topics: recreational uses of psychedelic substances and harm reduction.

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Module V “Psychoactive Substances – Drug Law, History, And Culture” covers the societal elements concerning psychoactive substance use. It deepens the participants’ knowledge about the history of the relationship between humans and psychoactive substances, how psychoactive substances have been perceived throughout history, how humans have used them in and outside rituals, how and why some of these substances were illegalized, and how and why the public discourse around cannabis, alcohol and psychedelics is currently changing. In other words, this last module will take an in-depth look at how psychoactive substances have influenced human societies and how policies are created around them.

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Target Groups

Who is it for?
Medical doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists, health professionals, drug researchers, PiAs (nurses, paramedics), students of all disciplines and everybody who wants to develop their knowledge, attitude and capabilities in the field of psychoactive substances.

You can sign up as a team and ask for special offers concerning location, time and price.

CME/CE certification
We have applied for CME/CE certification.

Additional information

Module combinations, materials and online courses

Module I is mandatory. If you wish to visit any other Module before visiting Module I you can do so by booking a double pack. As long as you present proof of having also booked the first module, you will be able to visit the other workshops in a different order.

Each module consists of eight learning units, supported by a knowledge companion, a glossary, and a test to consolidate your knowledge. Course materials will be provided.

The DSP will be hosted on an online platform with video lessons to update and broaden your knowledge. At set moments, live sessions will be held to answer any and all questions that might arise while working through the units.

Drug Science Certificate

What can you do with it?

After completing four out of the five modules, you can apply for a Drug Science Certificate. This can be used to:

1. Building expertise and recognition among practitioners and researchers in the field of psychoactive substances.

2. Improving your CV, furthering your academic and professional career.

3. Improving your academic papers and theses.

4. Receiving cost free access to the growing online educational platform of the MIND Academy.


For questions please contact us at: drugscience-requests@mind-foundation.org

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