Elements of Science

Chemistry has its periodic table of elementsnow psychedelic science does too!

The Elements of Science presents the most fundamental topics that make up the complex field of psychedelic research. If you want to explore the science of psychedelics and aren’t sure where to start, or if you came across something in a paper that you couldn’t decipher, these videos can help break it down. Just like you need basic elements to understand chemistry, these Elements of Science will arm you with all you’ll need to know to understand scientific knowledge about psychedelics.

Elements is an ongoing project, with new videos uploaded regularly. Stay tuned!



Lysergic Acid Diethylamide: What is LSD, and why are scientists interested in studying it?


You've probably heard of cannabis - but what about cannabinoids? These molecules are a unique class found in plants, but also sometimes made in the lab - and even in your own brain.

Mental Health


Depression undermines joy. It is shockingly common, yet still difficult to treat, and even more difficult to live with.

Substance Use Disorder

Substance use disorders devastate patients, families, and communities. Once they get started, they dig a hole that is tough to crawl out of. Learn about the symptoms, why it’s so hard to quit, and what might help pull someone out.

Psychedelic-assisted Therapy

Harm Reduction in Psychedelic Studies

You've probably heard that psychedelics are capable of causing "bad trips." Yet scientists have found that there are several ways to reduce the likelihood of "bad trips" happening during clinical trials.



Your brain is not the same now as it was one year, one week, or even one day ago. Why? It has neuroplasticity, or the ability to rearrange itself to adapt to its ever-changing environment.


We know that drugs can have profound effects on the brain and body – but they never work alone. They need receptors, or they’d do nothing at all. Every cell in your body is covered in these little things!


Your brain has a specialized immune system evolved to protect it from damage. But sometimes, immune cells get out of control. Learn what sparks neuroinflammation – and how to put it out.


Altered States of Consciousness: Drug Induced or Non-Pharmacological?

In this short video you can learn about the basics on Altered States of Consciousness and different forms of induction.

Ego Dissolution

What would your consciousness feel like without a sense of self – without you? Hard as it is to imagine, psychedelic drugs and certain forms of deep meditation are known for powering down the self.

Research Methods

P-Values & Statistical Significance

You're reading a scientific paper, and then you see it: p < 0.05. What does THAT mean? P-values are how scientists test their hypotheses, and after this video you'll know what they mean.

Found something undecipherable in a scientific paper? Wondering about a specific topic in psychedelic science? Open science communication is all about connecting with real, curious people, so don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail with any requests for future videos! You can reach the creators of Elements of Science at [email protected].

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