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Over the course of six weeks, you will reconnect deeply with one of your psychedelic experiences in order to identify and embody the insights you have gained in sustainable ways. To support you in unfolding both the challenging and the beneficial aspects you may have uncovered, you will be guided through the integration process in six structured steps. Each week will cover one specific aspect and the modules will build on each other, progressing from intention to transformation. The course is structured as follows:

Step one: Intention

An intention is a guiding principle for how you want to be, live, and show up in the world— be it during your meditation, your psychedelic experience or any other area of your life.  
Educational Video  Live Session: Why is it important to set an intention?  How to set an intention?  Guided Visualization  Practical Exercise: Distilling an Intention  Group Work  Homework  Peer Group Meeting  

Step Two: Perception & Remembrance

Remembering an experience is crucial to be able to work with it further and let it unfold more deeply. At the same time, it is not about clinging to something that is gone, but about actualizing and perceiving how it is now. 
Live Session: Dimensions of Experience  Reconnecting with your experience  Practical Exercise: Externalizing Remembrance  Group Work  Homework  Peer Group Meeting 

Step Three: Acceptance

Acceptance is a choice to embrace what is in the present moment. Acceptance is an active process of remaining aware and open to the thoughts, feelings, and sensations that arise when taking action in the service of one’s values. Acceptance is a choice and an active process, not an outcome; it is key to committed action.  

Live Session: Acceptance and Avoidance  Tri-fold Cognitive Defusion  Practical Exercise: The Compassionate Mirror • Group Work • Homework • Peer Group Meeting 

Step Four: Commitment

Commitment is an important step for personal development. But why should you make a commitment? And how do you know what you really want to commit to? This is where clarifying your values comes into play.  

Live Session: Values and Commitment • Life Inventory  Practical Exercise: From Clarity to Committed Action • Group Work • Homework • Peer Group Meeting

Step Five: Translation

Translation of psychedelic experiences is the art of reshaping a message you have gotten out of it. This is an inherently creative process. Things get lost in translation; beyond that, different aspects of a message can be accentuated and thus, maybe even for the very first time, be understood and acted upon.  

Live Session: Ways of Translating Psychedelic Experiences • Integration Methods • Practical Exercise: Translating Transitions • Group Work • Homework • Peer Group Meeting 

Step Six: Transformation

Transformation can be understood as a path of becoming whole and living life more fully. Wholeness is not finite and implies a lifelong process of transformation. A transformational process involves disintegration and subsequent reintegration in order to incorporate each new insight of change. Such a process is sometimes described as a sense of “coming home”, metaphorically circumscribing such a transformational journey. 

Live Session: Transformation  Tri-Phasic Mandala  Practical Exercise: From Doing to Being • Group Work • Homework • Peer Group Meeting 

About Footsteps

Find out all the details about the course:

  • Footsteps is a 6-week structured online integration process that focuses on working with one specific psychedelic experience.
  • The course is divided into 2 sessions per week (live session + peer group), and 1,5 hours per session.
  • The main goal of the course is to help you in exploring and understanding the connections between your life and your psychedelic experiences.
  • It is intended to enable you to use your psychedelic experience as a springboard for positive action and real-life changes – to help you make your experience have a truly transformative impact on your life.

Who is Footsteps for?

You would benefit from the course if:

  • You would like to draw a meaningful change from your psychedelic experience
  • You have returned from a retreat or guided session (e.g. ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, etc.) and would like to keep working with your experience there
  • You would like to learn more about integration and build it into a life practice
  • You are looking for connection and growth
  • You enjoy learning in a structured and practical way
  • You want to benefit from a group process and connect with likeminded people

Read what others have said about FOOTSTEPS

a transformative experience highly recommended

“My journey was full of insight and rich in connection. I have obtained clarity not only in regards to the targeted psychedelic experience but also on my current life situation. The techniques learned on the journey were innovative, effective, and masterfully taught. The opportunity to share deep, meaningful conversations with other participants was one of the highlights. Overall, a transformative experience in itself which I highly recommend!

an impactful journey about integration and community

“My Footsteps journey was impactful and I’ve recommended this course already to family and friends who are looking not only to integrate their own experiences but also for a community with which to go through this process.

I had tears in my eyes more than once

“Thank you all for your time, effort and dedication. Bringing us together, all so different, was a very valuable experience. I had tears in my eyes more than once. I think many people will have a lot to benefit from this.

great potential to create an on-going community

“Good to know there are some techniques that can be used to help integrate our experiences. There is great potential here to create an on-going community to share resources and support each other.

helped me make sustainable changes in line with my values

“The program has helped me make small but sustainable behavioral changes in line with my values and with the insights revealed to me in my experience, mostly because it has prompted me to take responsibility for implementing these insights in my daily life no matter how `insignificant` the change is. The facilitators have thought me a lot about how to create a suitable environment for learning and introspection and I was very grateful for the opportunity to connect to fellow travelers and benefit from their knowledge and warmth.

what you put in will be back magnified

“What you personally put into the course you will get back magnified, so go for it!

I was able to integrate parts of me that I had abandoned

My Footstep journey was inspiring. Getting in touch with people, who are daring to look inside, who are observing and communicating what is and who are welcoming openness and vulnerability encouraged me to continue this path of “searching”. David, Simona, and Regina gave us wonderful tools to get in touch with one’s inner world: I was able to integrate parts of me that I had abandoned. Footsteps helped me to begin to realize a longtime dream of mine: Thank you – I am grateful for having been part of this journey.

Psychedelic experiences can be deeply transformative.
However, psychedelic integration is a continuous process…


This workshop series is a complete integration experience that offers you a space to explore a significant psychedelic experience that is particularly important to you. Your reasons may be various – a desire to understand, clear confusion, make better sense of the beauty and wonder or relieve discomfort of a difficult experience. All reasons are valid – the important point is that you sense that this experience carries a significance for you that you cannot yet grasp fully and desire to integrate it meaningfully into your everyday life.

Footsteps was designed as a complementary course to our 5-day in person intensive course BEYOND EXPERIENCE.

While Beyond Experience covers general knowledge and trains the necessary skillset for an integrative understanding of psychedelic experiences, Footsteps is more about the small steps in-between; the choices you make in your daily life that establish diligence needed for substantial transformation. The main goal is to deeper investigate a profound psychedelic experience one has had yet subsequently struggled to make sense of or was unable to integrate into daily life. 

The 6-week online course puts an emphasis on understanding integration as being part of a life practice that can be applied not only to psychedelic experiences, but to any other significant life experience. This approach is rooted in a lifelong perspective of human development including the ruptures and changes, human growth and potential that together compose the melody of our lives.

Start your journey…

Next dates

Next courses start in April & June 2021.

Start: Monday, April 12th at 7pm

Start: Tuesday, June 1st at 8pm

The live webinars will take place once a week for six consecutive weeks.
The peer group meetings are intended to take place on the Sundays (6pm-7.30pm CET) following up to the live webinar sessions. However, the dates for the peer group meetings can be changed, according to the needs of the participants.

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