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Augmented Psychotherapy Training


Admission deadlines

The next English-language APT course starts on November 14, 2022. We are continuously screening applications and are already admitting applicants.
The next German-language APT course will start on March 8, 2023 (more information here).

Please note that each course only has a limited number of spots available. These spots are being filled continuously.
We recommend applying as early as possible.


Formal Criteria & Eligibility Requirements

Qualification Category I: Therapist

You can apply as a

  • Medical doctor with training in psychotherapy
  • Licensed psychotherapist

Upon completion of the first program year you receive a Certificate in Psychedelic Integration Therapy. After completing the second program year you obtain a  Certificate in Psychedelic-Augmented Psychotherapy (individual breathwork, ketamine, psychedelics).

If you are still in the process of completing your psychotherapy training, you can join the APT program already and will be eligible to receive the certifications upon completing your training.


Qualification Category II: Co-Therapist/Coach

You can apply as a

  • Medical doctor without psychotherapy training
  • Clinical psychologist without psychotherapy training
  • Family or couple therapist with academic qualification in a relevant field (minimum: BA/BSc)
  • Psychological counselor/coach with academic qualification in a relevant field (minimum: BA/BSc)
  • Complementary therapist (e.g., music, body, or art therapy) with academic qualification in a relevant field (minimum: BA/BSc)
  • Psychiatric nurse
  • Social worker/addiction therapist
  • Theologian with psychotherapy training

Upon completing the first program year you will receive a Certificate in Psychedelic Integration Coaching. After completing the second program year, you will receive a Certificate in Psychedelic-Augmented Psychotherapy (Co-Therapist). This certificate will qualify you to work in a therapeutic team under the supervision of a medical doctor or licensed psychotherapist who has obtained the certification and is certified to apply breathwork, ketamine, and psychedelics in a psychotherapeutic framework.

Applicants with a substantial professional and academic background in psychotherapy will be preferred in the selection process.


Further requirements for certification
  • Equivalent to a police clearance certificate (not previously convicted for capital crimes or drug offenses)
  • Age: 25 +++
Admission procedure and informal selection criteria

Please assess whether or not you fulfill the formal criteria listed above before submitting your application. Please submit the following PDF documents with your application:

1. Motivational letter (max. 2 pages)
  • Why do I want to do APT?
  • How would I introduce psychedelic integration therapy and/or psychedelic-augmented psychotherapy to a potential patient?
  • What potentially problematic aspects of psychedelic therapies do I see?
2. Short CV

After reviewing the application documents, the program committee will invite eligible candidates for an online selection interview. The following characteristics are considered desirable in applicants:

  • Demonstrable understanding of/interest in psychotherapeutic processes
  • Understanding of the scientific method and ability to think critically
  • Self-reflection abilities
  • Professional communication abilities
  • Ability to explain psychedelic therapy to third parties
  • Awareness of potentially problematic aspects of psychedelic therapies
  • Understanding the legal and ethical complexity of psychedelic practice
  • Respect for the need to create legal and ethical practices

The following attributes are considered exclusion criteria:

  • Uncritical attitude towards ideas that can be evaluated as pseudoscience, charlatanry, conspiracy theories, or esotericism
  • Illegal underground therapy practice or intention to establish one
  • General rejection of conventional medicine or psychotherapy
  • Political or religious extremism


Standard Price: Euro 7980.- per year
  • GDP International Access: If you come from a country with a significantly lower GDP a reduction of 10-20% might be accessible. In that case, please contact [email protected] for more information.
  • The tuition does not cover accomodation and travel expences. Drinks and snacks are included for on-site trainings
Payment options
  • Quarterly payment: Euro 2.100.-
  • Yearly payment: Euro 7.980.-
  • Single payment: Euro 15.000.-
Application Fee

For considering your application a non-refundable application fee of €100.- is charged


Please use the following email to submit your requests: [email protected]

Organizational information

The MIND Foundation is a European non-profit registered under German law (HRB 220247 B). Revenue from the MIND Academy cannot be extracted by individuals. It is fully used to support the public benefit purposes of the organization and reduce our dependence on donations for core activities – providing us and you with the opportunity to use donations for research and social projects.