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With the MIND Blog, we seek to comprehensibly communicate scientific developments in the mind and brain sciences and particularly in the research of psychedelic substances.

We want to convey scientific findings about the psychedelic experience and enable and drive societal discourse about Bewusstseinskultur. Thereby we seek to support the societal evaluation of altered states of consciousness and their value for individuals and society, based on knowledge and openness.

This, we aim to achieve by communicating transparently about scientific advances, the methods and processes that underly science, and by contextualizing and adequately framing scientific findings with an emphasis on their complexity and preliminarily.

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Blog Translation Group

To make research on psychedelics accessible to as many people as possible, we are translating blog posts with the help of volunteers.

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  • Dr. Henrik Jungaberle

    Executive Director

  • Marvin Däumichen, M.A.

    Director of Research & Programs

  • Abigail Calder, M.Sc.

    Blog Editor, MMA PAC Representative