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Footsteps: An Online Integration Journey (March 2022)

március 7 @ 7:00 du. - április 11 @ 8:30 du. CET

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This workshop series is a complete integration experience that offers you a space to explore a significant psychedelic experience that is particularly important to you. Your reasons may be various – a desire to understand, clear confusion, make better sense of the beauty and wonder or relieve the discomfort of a difficult experience. All reasons are valid – the important point is that you sense that this experience carries a significance for you that you cannot yet grasp fully and desire to integrate it meaningfully into your everyday life.

Footsteps is about the small steps in-between; the choices you make in your daily life that establish diligence needed for substantial transformation. The main goal is to deeper investigate a profound psychedelic experience one has had yet subsequently struggled to make sense of or was unable to integrate into daily life. 

The 6-week online course puts an emphasis on understanding integration as being part of a life practice that can be applied not only to psychedelic experiences but to any other significant life experience. This approach is rooted in a lifelong perspective of human development including the ruptures and changes, human growth and potential that together compose the melody of our lives.


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március 7 @ 7:00 du. CET
április 11 @ 8:30 du. CET
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