march, 2019

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Are you looking for new methods of exploring your mind? Take your chance to stop by for a psychedelic light session with Lucia N°03! Lucia N°03 is a scientifically developed light device, that is able to induce altered states of mind by rhythmical flashes of light. Most people will be able to experience beautiful kaleidoscopic imagery and dive deeply into meditative states. The sessions are guided and done individually, so you are able to fully relax and enjoy yourself.
We are offering guided 45-minute sessions, including an individual introduction and explanation of the effects of Lucia. All earnings are directly funding the MIND Foundation’s further research in psychedelic science!
Click HERE for more information about the light device.

If you want to have a session on a specific date, which is not offered, feel free to contact to make an appointment.


  • Being interested and/or experienced with altered states of mind
  • If you are pregnant, suffering from epilepsy or any other serious physical or mental illness, please refrain from partaking.

Reduced Price

  • Students, pensioners and unemployed get a discount of 12%
  • Please enter the code “please-bring-a-proof-of-low-income” in the field “coupon”
  • Bring a proof like your Student Identity Card, a proof of your unemployment or pension
  • Otherwise you have to pay the full amount

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Betahaus, Rudi-Dutschke-Str.23, 10969 Berlin, 3* floor (between the 3th and 4th floor)



Month Long Event (march)


betahaus Berlin

Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23


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