Integration Program Facilitators Andrea Zeuch

Dr. med. Andrea Zeuch is a medical doctor living and working in Berlin. She is specialized in Emergency medicine and works mainly in Intensive care.

Group fasciliation and therapy training
She has facilitated workshops on Psychedelic Integration with Dr. Henrik Jungaberle since 2015. Her interests in altered states of consciousness range from psychedelics over breathwork to yoga with a focus on integrative practises. She is one of the founders of MIND European Foundation for Psychedelic Science and a member of the Swiss Association for Psycholytic Studies  (SÄPT). She is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, participated in the MAPS training for MDMA assisted therapy and involved in scientific projects on the nature of expanded states of consciousness.

Dr.Henrik Jungaberle


Henrik is a social scientist and prevention practitioner. His focus is on human development, integration and integrity in the use of psychoactive substances – and shaping this on the individual, social and political level. He develops and implements strategies to avoid or minimize the negative consequences of alcohol and other drug use.
Henrik has conducted research about human development and psychoactives in different fields of their application. Together with his team he developed the evidence-based life-skills and prevention programme REBOUND. From 1996-2014 Henrik worked at the University Hospital Heidelberg, Institute of Medical Psychology, and was leading projects financed by the DFG (German Research Foundation) and EU-Commission (DPIP). He lives and works in Berlin.

Group facilitation and therapy training

In his group and therapy work Henrik is trained in music psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. He facilitates group processes since 1997 and loves to work with creative and non-verbal methods. Most influential in his work is a theater training that he received in 1998 (“theater of the oppressed”). Working together with colleagues from family therapy, psychoanalysis, Jungian therapy and Gestalt, he has adapted a number of strategies from these therapeutic families. He strives for authenticity and directness in communication with clients and people in general.


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