Blog Translation Group

Sharing knowledge across the globe

Aim and Purpose

Translation Process

The MIND Foundation upholds high standards in the quality of our content. This includes all contributions and translations to be published on the MIND Blog.
Therefore, every translation follows a six-eyes principle throughout a three-steps process to assure quality articles in a variety of languages. Every step is supported by the Blog Translation Coordination team and our translation guidelines.

Post-publication improvements to translations are of course possible whenever necessary.


In order contribute to the BTG, the requirements listed below must be fulfilled. Additional qualifications in relevant disciplines or previous translation expertise are of course beneficial.

  • proficiency in English (C1+)
  • native-level proficiency in target-language
  • basic familiarity with the science communications style
  • proactivity and reliability

Joining the BTG

Registration for the BTG involves two steps.

First, send us an email with your information as follows:

  • full name
  • target language
  • disciplinary / academic background
  • highest educational achievement (e.g., B.A., M.Sc., Ph.D.)

Rewards for Contributors

Producing high-quality translations is no easy task, especially when it comes to science communications articles such as on the MIND Blog.
As a token of appreciation and to offer something in return for our contributors, we provide access to our contents, events, and workshops.
A detailed overview of our rewarding system is included in the BTG Guidelines document that each contributor will receive upon signup.

Many thanks to our volunteer contributors!

  • Antoni Gillert, B.Sc.

    Intern at Research and Programs Department

  • Hans Rutrecht, M.Sc.

    APT Training Psychotherapist

  • Philipp Manegold, B.Sc.

    Research and Programs Intern

  • Eddie Bovill, B.A.

    Communications Intern

  • Eddie Bovill, B.A.

    Communications Intern

  • Annabella Sugrue, B.A.

    Communications & Events Intern

  • Kasey Devitt, B.SC.

    Audio-Visual Design Intern

  • Sara Gutierrez, M.D.

    BTG Contributor - Spanish

  • Veronica Migliozzi, M.Sc.

    BTG Contributor - Italian

  • Samantha Noone, M.A.

    Communications Intern

  • Patricia Iacob, LL.M.

    Contributor - Romanian & French

  • Dr. Henrik Jungaberle

    Executive Director

  • Marvin Däumichen, M.A.

    Director of Research & Programs

  • Gero Niggemeier

    Director of Impact and Collaborations

  • Sasha Silberberg, B.Sc.

    Director of Communications

  • Dr. med. Andrea Jungaberle

    Medical & Team Advisor

  • Sergio Pérez Rosal, M.D.

    Medical and Training Advisor

  • Maximilian von Heyden

    Public Health Advisor

  • Zacki Aplada

    People and Culture Manager

  • Dr. Max Wolff

    Head of Psychotherapy Training and Research

  • Dr. Julia Wertheim

    Science Communications Manager

  • Dr. Julia Wertheim

    Science Communications Managerin

  • Dr. Regina Hess


  • Jared Parmer, Ph.D.

    Philosophy Section Advisor

  • Zacki Aplada, M.Sc.

    People and Culture Manager

  • Julius Hohenthal, M.Sc.

    Clinical & Science Community Manager

  • Dr. Gabriele Mittag

    Head of Staff Unit Press

  • Simona Rakusa, M.A.

    Integration and Breathwork Facilitator

  • Hannah de Waal, M.Sc.

    Footsteps Facilitator