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Blog Translation Group


This section is comprised of a multilingual team of MIND Members dedicated to contributing linguistic variety to the MIND Blog.
The group’s goal is to provide quality translations of existing and upcoming blog posts in order to support the MIND Blog’s outreach and help us spread knowledge about discoveries in psychedelic research.


The work and art of translation is no piece of cake – certain expressions that are common in one language might not work out in another. That is why we need not just linguistic finesse, but also intercultural competences when translating languages.

Therefore we would encourage primarily native speakers to register for this perhaps challenging and certainly rewarding activity of creating a multilingual MIND blog.


These are the requirements for joining:

  • Commitment to the activity – reliability when signing up for an article.
  • High competence in target language (at least C1), ideally native speaker.
  • Basic knowledge of the contents of the article of choice and technical language used.

In order to join the group, kindly set a mail to [email protected], containing your name, target language, and language level.

We will get back to you shortly!