Below you will find instructions detailing what you need to know as an INSIGHT 2021 on-site, livestream, and/or workshop attendee. If you have any further questions not answered below, please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected].

Download the INSIGHT 2021 Program Booklet.


On-Site Attendees


Registration, Tickets, and your Conference Bag 

Congratulations, you’re going to INSIGHT on-site!  
In order to register on-site, you don’t need to search for a ticket or print out the invoice/confirmation email. Instead, you can simply register at the reception desk on-site with your ID and name. You will then be handed your name tag, conference bag, and permission to enter an additional Charité area where Track 3 takes place. 
In your conference bag, you will find the conference program booklet, all relevant information you need for the 4 conference days, and some gifts as well. This also entails a roadmap to the fourth lecture room for Track 3 (see Locations below). 
If you have any questions, please talk to the INSIGHT volunteers (they’ll be wearing red and orange INSIGHT t-shirts) or to someone from the MIND staff (a great place to look for staff is the MIND exhibition booth on the ground floor).


COVID-19 Policy 

Please take a look at our website’s home page to stay informed about the latest COVID-19 policy at the conference. 
We are still working on a concept that aligns with the Berlin senate’s regulations and the house rules of the INSIGHT venue. We will share the detailed concept before the conference with all attendees. You can already make yourself familiar with some general guidelines.

Most importantly:

  1. Please participate in this short two-minute survey to help us make INSIGHT run as safely and smoothly as possible. Participating in the survey will enter you into a lottery – 21 lucky winners will be given a BEYOND EXPERIENCE workshop ticket (worth 850€) or free access to a MIND event (valid for the next 2 years and worth 20€ each).
  2. Make sure you have your vaccination card, proof of past infection (antibody test - valid for up to 6 months post-infection with added booster shot if it’s been more than 6 months post-infection), or an up-to-date negative antigen rapid test (valid for 24 hours) with you when you check in at the conference venue. Unvaccinated attendees without proof of past infection must get tested daily via an external testing center: here is the overview of test centers. Be sure to calculate the extra time for testing.
  3. Please bring your (medical, FFP2, or KN95) mask with you.
  4. Keep distance whenever possible.
  5. Make sure to either have the Corona Warn App or Luca App installed to show your certificate or test confirmation.
  6. For your first check-in, please be there at least one hour before the start of the first talk that you want to see.
  7. If you feel sick, please do not come to the on-site conference but join us via livestream (see point 4).



The main conference venue is the Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus, which offers rooms for Track 1, 2, and 4, as well as most of the pre-conference workshops.


Luisenstr. 58/59, 10117 Berlin (Mitte)

Parking spots

The Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus does not offer parking spots themselves, but there are two parking spots close by.

Track 3  will take place within walking distance from the Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus. You will find all information in your conference bag.

Some of the pre-conference workshops offered by the Professional Sections of the MIND Members Association (workshops 9-14) will be accessible online.  Be sure to check out the details on each event page to confirm its location and online accessibility. 

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Livestream Attendees

Below you will find how to enter, navigate through, and enjoy the INSIGHT 2021 conference online via Airmeet. You’ll also find a video wherein Alexandra Ward, Creative Design Manager at MIND, walks you through some of Airmeet’s awesome features in a short video tutorial.

You can additionally download the complete Airmeet instructions for INSIGHT 2021.

You can choose between entering the event with your PC or smartphone. Please note, however, that the app version does not allow for all of the functionalities. Furthermore, Airmeet works best with the Chrome Browser.

You will receive a magic link to enter the conference via email either two weeks before the conference (August 26) or shortly after your purchase, if you buy your tickets later than August 26.

It will be sent to the same email that you used to purchase your ticket. Important: Please keep the email with the link, if you already received it. On the first day of the conference, click on that link in your email (Thursday, September 9th).

The platform will open around 3:00 PM and the first presentations start at 5:00 PM.

You will be asked to enter some basic information, which will only take a moment, then you are already inside the INSIGHT Airmeet!

Please keep track of the email with the magic link as you always have to use the link in it to re-enter the event.

Airmeet video tutorial
Alexandra Ward, Creative Design Manager at MIND, will walk you through some of Airmeet’s main features in this short video.  

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Workshop Attendees

Please go to the INSIGHT workshops page for an overview of the workshops. 

On the workshop page, you will find the following information:

  • time and location 
  • Zoom link (for online workshops) 
  • Materials to bring with you (if there aren’t specific instructions, you don’t need to bring anything)

On-site and Online workshops

Please note that some of the workshops will be offered on-site only, others are provided in the hybrid format (on-site and online), and some are accessible only via Zoom.

If you’d like to attend online, please make sure to have a stable internet connection and, ideally, have the software Zoom previously installed.

As areminder: If you also bought a Livestream ticket for the conference, you need to login to Airmeet after the workshops. You will find an invitation link to the Airmeet platform in your email inbox either on August 26th or, if you buy your tickets later, within 24 hours after the purchase.

Registration On-site

The location for the on-site workshops is the Langenbeck Virchow Haus, which is also where the INSIGHT conference will take place.


Langenbeck-Virchow Haus
Luisenstraße 58/59
10117, Berlin 

Please be there on time (at least 30 minutes before the workshop starts) to allow enough time for registration.

There are two different ways to register, depending on whether you have purchased a conference ticket next to the workshop ticket or not:

You have a conference ticket

Please go through the regular registration process. 

  1. Check-in at the COVID-19 checkpoint desks
  2. Go to the reception and register with your name and ID
  3. Retrieve your name tag and the conference bag
  4. Follow the signs to find your workshop room (1st, 2nd, 4th or 5th floor) 

You DON’T have a conference ticket

  1. Check-in at the COVID-19 checkpoint desks (see point 4)
  2. Go to the reception desk and register with your name and the workshop you are attending
  3. Follow the signs directly to your workshop room (1st, 2nd, 4th or 5th floor) 
  4. After the workshops, we kindly ask everybody who is NOT endowed with a conference name tag to leave the venue. Without a name tag, you will not be let into the lecture rooms. 

COVID-19 Policy

Even if you only attend the workshops and not the whole conference, we ask you to bring your vaccination card, antibody test, or a negative rapid antigen test (valid for 24 hours). Otherwise you cannot enter the building.

To ensure maximum safety, we recommend wear a face mask (medical masks, FFP2 or KN59) at all times, especially if no windows can be opened. This applies to both vaccinated and unvaccinated attendees. 

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Travel information | Entering Germany

Traveling to Germany

Firstly, please look at whether the country you are traveling from is designated as a “high-risk area” or “Area of variant of concern.” You can download an updated list here at the Robert Koch Institute (PDF also available in English):

As of August 24th, there are no countries designated as “Area of variant of concern” but many countries as “high-risk areas”.

For entering Germany from a “high-risk area”, the following rules apply:

  • Registration required: Travellers who spent time in a risk area are obliged to fill out the digital registration on entry at and carry the confirmation with them when entering the country. The confirmation will be checked by the carrier and may also be checked by the Federal Police within the framework of its responsibilities as a border control agency.
  • Obligation to furnish proof: Travellers who spent time in a high-risk area must carry with them a test result or proof of vaccination or recovery and, if demanded by the carrier, present such proof for the purpose of carriage. In case of a stay in an area of variants of concern, only a test result is admitted.
  • The proof must be uploaded via the travel portal at
  • Obligation to quarantine (only if NO negative test result, or proof of recovery, or proof of vaccination is submitted via the Federal Republic of Germany entry portal
    • Travelers who have spent time in a risk area, must make their way directly to their home upon arrival and remain isolated there for ten days (home quarantine). Persons who have spent time in an area of variants of concern prior to entry must quarantine for 14 days.
    • Quarantine at home does not have to be started if proof of recovery, proof of vaccination or a negative test result is submitted via the Federal Republic of Germany entry portal 
    • Vaccinated and recovered persons can end the quarantine from the time when the proof of vaccination or recovery is transmitted via the entry portal. If the transmission takes place before entry (strongly recommended), the quarantine does not have to be started.

Travelling back from Germany to your home country

Please make sure to check the requirements for your travel back to your home country. It most likely depends on whether Germany is classified as a “high-risk area” or “area of variant of concern” by your home country.

  • If you need to get tested before travelling back, there are a lot of official test stations close to the conference venue. Some of them also provide PCR tests. This is the website for making appointments in Berlin:
    • Color Code: 
      • Black: appointment not needed
      • Grey: appointment optional
      • Blue: appointment required
    • The address of the conference venue is: Luisenstraße 58/59, 10117, Berlin (when entering the webpage, you have to click on the black button in the centre of the map and can then enter the address).
    • If you need help with making an appointment there (the website is only partially translated in English), please speak to the MIND Staff on-site. We are always there to help you.
  • If you only require a rapid antigen test for travelling back, we also provide those by medical professionals directly at the conference venue. Tests are available each day from 1 hour before until 1 hour after the first presentation starts.
    • You will receive a written certificate via email (you can also let that get printed out at the conference reception) that entails: 
      • Type of test (indicating it is a NAAT or antigen test)
      • The entity issuing the result (e.g. laboratory, healthcare entity, or telehealth service)
      • Specimen collection date. A negative test result must show the specimen was collected within the 3 days before the flight. A positive test result for documentation of recovery from COVID-19 must show the specimen was collected within the three months before the flight.
      • Information that identifies the person (full name plus at least one other identifier such as date of birth or passport number)
      • Test Result
    • Please let us know beforehand if you require such a test on-site at the conference venue by completing this 2min survey: LINK
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Covid Guidelines (for on-site ticket holders only)

The following rules and guidelines will help to ensure that the conference remains a safe environment where everybody can enjoy the talks and panel discussions, participate in networking, and get to know other conference attendees.

Please help us to make this conference a success by adhering to them as best as you can.

You can download the full guidelines document below.

Most important points:

3G rule: 

  i.   Vaccinated and recovered will receive a green wristband for all conference days prior to registration.

 ii.      Tested attendees will receive a new wristband in a new color for each day of the conference.

  • Only vaccinated, recovered (recovery certificate must not be older than 6 months) and/or tested (daily rapid test) may enter the house.
  • We offer an emergency testing station with LIMITED availability and limited amount of tests. Please preferably use the official test stations close to the venue (see Guidelines).

Please have the Luca App (Apple Link, Androind Link) or Corona Warn app (Apple Link, Android Link) installed to check-in at the conference.

We will measure body temperature of ALL attendees at the entrance. People with fever (>38 degrees) and/or other symptoms will be asked to follow the conference online.

Masks: we recommend mask wearing for ALL attendees.

Masks are mandatory in:

 i.      Unventilated lecture halls/seminar rooms.

 ii.     In the foyer and the Wandelhalle during large crowds (breaks, poster session, etc.)

Room capacity: All lecture halls and seminar rooms will only be occupied with 2/3 of the maximum capacity.

On Thursday and Sunday, we will broadcast the livestream of the auditorium in the Langenbeck and Rudolf Virchow rooms in order to distribute the participants a little bit more.

Distance: We ask ALL participants to respect the distance rules whenever possible.

Hybrid solution: ALL on-site conference participants have also been given online access. This can especially be handy if you want to follow the presentations with your smartphone or computer (or if you decide to take a break from the on-site conference and relax at a nearby café or restaurant.)

Download full Guidelines here


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