PD Dr. Leo Hermle was Head of Department in the Christophsbad Hospital, Göppingen for 25 years. Beyond psychiatric basic work he has a history in  entactogen and psychedelic research. For the new „Handbook Psychoactive Substances“ (Springer Publishers) he contributed two papers. In this video in German language Leo Hermle talks about:

MDMA (Leo Hermle, Felix Schuldt). The handbook paper is about what the title says: 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine in its different contexts of application: medicine, therapy, recreational and social transformative uses. It provides an overview of history, pharmacology and many other aspects. The video is about this paper (in German language).

Currently MIND Foundation is strongly associated with FINDER, a German Charity that is decidated to research and practice in drug science and prevention practice. FINDER is a main organizer of both the „Handbook Psychoactive Substances“ and the #DrugScience2017-Conference.

MIND Foundation is a collaborator for #DrugScience2017. The conference is organized in a cooperation with

MIND Foundation’s role on the #DrugScience2017 conference is to co-organize the track on Psychedelic Medicine and to support the conference organization on all levels. After the conference the first MIND Riverside Dinner will be held – a meeting of members and candidates of the MIND Scientific Advisory Board.


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