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Contact us with your request for a personal appointment in our Berlin office. Click here for the MIND Academy Calendar with public talks, meetups and conferences.

Bi-monthly MIND meetups @betahaus Berlin

Bi-monthly MIND meetups @betahaus Berlin, each 3rd thursday in the month, 7 pm -8:30 pm

From november 2018 on there will be a MIND Meetup every two months, always on the 3rd Thursday in the month. This is the right event to get to know people from the MIND Foundation, get a glimpse on what we do practically and in science – and how we work!

Afterward the general Meetup there will be an open presentation on diverse specific topics related to psychedelic science and practice. This specific topic will be posted one month ahead of the Meetup in our website calendar and on Facebook.

The discussion will be moderated by someone from the MIND staff, depending on the committee to which the topic belongs.

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