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30/05/2020 Prof. Dr. Nicolas Langlitz & Dr. Sc. Hum. Henrik Jungaberle: Psychedelic Humanities and Humanism

The revival of psychedelic research and therapies in the last decade has resulted in a growing number of publications from the medical sciences and psychology. This discourse is accompanied by a vivid and more debate on the philosophy of psychedelic

16/04/2020 Andrea Jungaberle: A Medical Doctor´s Perspective on Psychedelics, Death and Dying

Within the last century we have come up with modern remedies and solutions for many situations that were desolate and unescapable before. Often antibiotics prevent death from diseases that were considered fatal in the past. Worn out hips can be repla

08/05/2020 Ansgar Rougemont-Bücking: Trauma in the experience of the individual

This talk will give an overview over the specific alterations within brain functioning and attachment patterns that contribute to the chronic course of trauma-related disorders. A special focus will be put on the phenomena of traumatic dissociation,

23/04/2020 Heather Hargraves: Technologies and Consciousness

Meditation and psychedelic inspired neurofeedback modalities offer direct experience of how attention alters states, which can offer support toward preparing individuals for the psychedelic experiences, by helping to reduce the preoccupation (i.e. mo

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