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The European Platform for Psychedelic Research, Therapy and Human Development


Welcome to the MIND Members Association (MMA).

The MMA is a non-profit, supporting association (Förderverein) of the MIND Foundation. The MMA  is formed by more than 700 members including neuroscientists, medical doctors, psychologists, researchers, policymakers, artists, philosophers, economists, students, and friends who support our vision and are committed to fostering the safe and legal therapeutic use of the psychedelic experience.

The MMA serves as the platform for Professional Sections, member community building and co-operative projects like the Members Convention. 

The MMA elects the MMA Board to represent members’ interests.  For more information about how this association has been constituted please read our statutes here.

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The MIND Community is a growing network around the values and programs of the MIND/OVID/MMA family and its partners.

Here you can follow discussions, meet people with similar interests, build your local or national group, or become a MIND member and join the Professional Sections of the MIND Members Association.

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We had our first Members Convention on the weekend September 5th and 6th, 2020.

This was an amazing opportunity for the MIND Foundation to introduce the MIND Members Association (MMA), officially founded in December 2019, as a non-profit, supporting association of the MIND Foundation.



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