MIND Meetups – Get to know who we are and how we work

Starting in May 2017 we organize Meetups in different cities in which we will present our work, goals and vision. The aims that we follow with these Meetups are:

  • – Provide an opportunity to get to know MIND members and staff personally
  • – Explain the goals and working structures of the organisation
  • – Present the advantages and benefits of a membership as scientist/researcher or supporter
  • – Answer questions concerning our work, attitude and goals

The Meetups in Berlin will be held regularly four times a year. In other cities like Zürich, Hamburg, Freiburg and Vienna we organize a Meetup in the course of 2017.

Please contact us, if you’re interested in a Meetup in your city, University or other organisation: info[at]mind-foundation.org or contact. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

REGISTER here for the next MIND Meetup in Sep 9th (3-4.3o pm) at betahaus, Berlin