Dr.med. Karl-Josef Theine 

Co-founder and coordination Therapy Committee

What is your motivation to contribute to MIND? 

My interest in collaboration lies in the development of new forms of therapy for old and still not always satisfactorily treatable mental illnesses. Above all, I am interested in an integral approach involving psychotherapeutic interventions, induction of altered states of consciousness (not only, but also substance-induced), modification of societal cognitive patterns and also spiritual aspects.

Where should psychedelic science be in 10 years? 

I hope for an establishment of psychedelic science in the everyday science enterprise within the next 10 years. I also hope that it will be normal to do research in different fields of this area supported by public funds and that it will be possible to get a doctorate.

What is the main challenge for an organization like MIND?

I imagine the function of MIND to be as the function of a starter in a car (ok, it will not be with classic combustion engine in 10 years …). Once the process is started, I imagine a chain reaction and that MIND is just one of many scientific organizations involved in the field.

What got you interested in Psychedelic science? 

My approach to psychedelic science has been through my late self-discovery and curiosity, to learn more about this area and explore both the therapeutic and the spiritual potential in depth. Meanwhile, I also see an opportunity for social development through the transcendence which has been familiar so far, but not sufficient in an evolutionary ever-evolving universe of cognitive patterns and value systems.

Which meaning does the psychedelic experience have for an open society? 

Having been a follower of Integral Philosophy and Integral Psychology for quite a number of years (not just Ken Wilber), I see great potential for development in the psychedelic experience. Too often, we humans believe our own thoughts and struggle to make our own inner subject an object. But this is exactly what I see as a method of developing the mind – for the individual and also for society.

Jule Nott

MIND Board, Co-founder, coordination Prevention Committee

What is your motivation to contribute to MIND?

In my opinion the psychedelic experience contains a big potential, which still needs thorough scientific investigation. On the other hand i think the thoughtless recreational use of psychedelics can went out harmful. Thats the reason why i am engaged in particular within the Prevention, Harm Reduction and Education Committee. My motivation is to provide good prevention, for people interested in the psychedelic experience, as well as structures for people with difficult experiences to find good ways to cope with.

Could you introduce the Prevention Committee?

The Prevention, Harm Reduction and Education Committee (PrevEd Committee) is responsible for developing prevention strategies and spreading them in public. In our understanding Harm Reduction is part of prevention, therefore we aim to support and collaborate with existing
harm reduction projects.

What are you currently working on?

In cooperation with the Therapy-Committee and within the framework of the „Mindfulness Program“  we are working on creating a concept for a „Integration Circle“.

Dr.med. Heiner Dörfler

Coming soon…