Vera Sloof

Co-founder and coordination PR Committee

What is your motivation to contribute to MIND?

I support MIND because social change is only possible through contextualisation, examination and challenging of existing social norms.

What is unique about MIND?

As far as I know, MIND is the first scientific organisation dealing with the psychedelic experience in Europe.

What is the main challenge for an organisation like MIND?

Overcoming the social stigma of psychedelic substances and especially legal regulations in Europe.

What got you interested in Psychedelic science?

I’ve always been a curious person and see the world not in black and white but in various colors. During and after the teenage angst-years, I began to question the status quo in society about the “war on drugs”, especially psychedelic substances, since I heard a lot of opposing messages about the self-healing properties. On the other hand, I don’t want to just hear some word-of-mouth enthusiastic propaganda, but rather have scientific facts to base my opinion on.

Also, I read a lot. My physics teacher during high school got me interested in physics and subsequently in quantum physics – which is quite mind-bogglingly psychedelic in some ways. A lot of physicists whose books I was reading at the time recommended the psychedelic experience to get to the bottom of the rabbit hole, to understand the “spooky action at a distance” better.

Some personal experiences during meditation, dream-states and holotropic breathing also kindled my interest in psychedelic science.

Torsten Rüter

Co-founder, coordination Corporate Identity Committee

What is your motivation to contribute MIND?

Consciousness in all it’s facets is a fundamental ingredient of what it means to be human.
Yet stigma and prejudice inhibit research and development. This needs to change.

What is unique about MIND?

Mind is an exceptional network uniting people from all sorts of different backgrounds under on mission.
From scientists and therapists to entrepreneurs and engineers a wide spectrum of understanding is represented.
Everyone contributes according to their strengths and that is beautiful. Together there is so much to tackle.

Dominique Schelble

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