The MIND Foundation’s PAC is a representative board with special initiative and information rights that advises the MIND Foundation’s leadership team on matters related to organizational development, strategy, projects, and staff.

The PAC will consist of 2 representatives from each of our three membership groups: Students, Friends, and Professionals, and six elected representatives from the MIND Foundation staff. This amounts to a total of 12 representatives in the PAC that elect one chairperson.

At present, the PAC is comprised of only 9 individuals with the remaining three to be elected in June.

If you are a member of the category Professionals or Friends, please consider running as a candidate and represent your membership group in the PAC.

Functions & Activities

There are several means by which the PAC can contribute to shaping the development of the MIND Foundation:

  • regular (online) meetings
  • development of a code of procedure
  • elect Chairperson as main representative to participate in shareholder meetings
  • add items to shareholder meetings agenda for discussion or to learn details
  • advise MIND Foundation on personnel development
  • represent particular concerns or interests among MIND staff & MMA
  • collaborate in the creation of a MIND & MMA Memorandum



Second PAC Candidacy Round


We will start a second call for applications in June 2021, with the aim to fill the three empty seats (one Professional member, two Friends members).

Stay tuned if you want to run as a PAC candidate! When the time comes, we will remind you by means of newsletters.