The MIND Foundation’s PAC is a representative board with special initiative and information rights that advises the MIND Foundation’s leadership team on matters related to organizational development, strategy, projects, and staff.

The PAC will consist of 2 representatives from each of our three membership groups: Students, Friends, and Professionals, and six elected representatives from the MIND Foundation staff. This amounts to a total of 12 representatives in the PAC that elect one chairperson.

At present, the PAC is comprised of only 9 individuals with the remaining three to be elected in June.

If you are a member of the category Professionals or Friends, please consider running as a candidate and represent your membership group in the PAC.

Functions & Activities

There are several means by which the PAC can contribute to shaping the development of the MIND Foundation:

  • regular (online) meetings
  • development of a code of procedure
  • elect Chairperson as main representative to participate in shareholder meetings
  • add items to shareholder meetings agenda for discussion or to learn details
  • advise MIND Foundation on personnel development
  • represent particular concerns or interests among MIND staff & MMA
  • collaborate in the creation of a MIND & MMA Memorandum


MMA PAC Representatives

MIND PAC Representatives


Second PAC Candidacy Round


The second call for applications to fill the three empty seats (one Professional member, two Friends members) has started already.

Please fill out the form below If you want to run as a PAC candidate.


    Application form

    If you want to be one of the six members representing the MMA in this PAC please fill out this form.

    At the end of this form, you shall provide either a short written motivation OR upload a maximum 2-minute video displaying your main motivation to be part of the PAC.
    Being fluent in English is a requisite to join the PAC. However, if you feel more comfortable recording the video in German, that is also acceptable.

    Your motivation letter or video will be posted in the Members Dashboard and in our group on the MIND Community Platform as part of the campaigning, allowing other members to learn more about you.

    The deadline for submissions is October 15, 2021.

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      Questions and suggestions

      If you have any questions or ideas that are valuable to the direction of MIND or the MMA, please send the PAC a message using the form below.