The MIND Foundation’s PAC is a representative board with special initiative and information rights that advises the MIND Foundation’s leadership team on matters related to organizational development, strategy, projects, and staff.

For this purpose, the PAC meets regularly (~once a month) to discuss issues that were brought up from within the MIND team or the member’s community. You can actively support this process by submitting your feedback via the form below.

After each meeting, the PAC informs the Board of the MIND Foundation about the outcomes of the discussion and raises awareness to address the discussed issues. If needed, the PAC also assists in implementing new processes, changing existing structures, or whatever else is necessary.

The PAC will consist of 2 representatives from each of our three membership groups: Students, Friends, and Professionals, and six elected representatives from the MIND Foundation staff. This amounts to a total of 12 representatives in the PAC that elect one chairperson.

Functions & Activities

There are several means by which the PAC can contribute to shaping the development of the MIND Foundation:

  • regular (online) meetings
  • development of a code of procedure
  • elect Chairperson as main representative to participate in shareholder meetings
  • add items to shareholder meetings agenda for discussion or to learn details
  • advise MIND Foundation on personnel development
  • represent particular concerns or interests among MIND staff & MMA
  • collaborate in the creation of a MIND & MMA Memorandum

MMA PAC Representatives

  • Lukas Andreas Basedow, M. Sc.

    MMA PAC Representative

  • Jonas Neubert, B.A.

    MMA PAC Representative

  • Eric Lonergan, B.Sc.

    MMA PAC Representative, Neuroscience Section Co-speaker

  • Abigail Calder, M.Sc.

    Blog Editor, MMA PAC Representative

MIND PAC Representatives

  • Patrick Wentorp, B.A.

    OKR & Events Manager

Second PAC Candidacy Round – Apply Now!

The second call for applications to fill the five empty seats (three MIND Staff members, two Friends members from the MIND Members community) started on February 2, 2022. You can already apply with the form below!

If you have any questions, need more information, or just want to get to know us first, contact us with the contact form below the application form or simply write an email to [email protected]

    Application form

    The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2022.

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      Questions and suggestions

      If you have any questions or ideas that are valuable to the direction of MIND or the MMA, please send the PAC a message using the form below.