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A Professional Section consists of MIND members who are working as professionals in a field related to the legal application of psychedelics (e.g. psychotherapy, coaching) or MIND Members who are doing research or  want to seriously pursue research in such a field (from the natural and social sciences and humanities). Each section consists primarily of professional members who apply for acceptance to the section’s committee. The sections may, upon application, additionally accept students and friends in single cases as well.
Let us clarify “professionals”: you need to have formal training and ideally experience in the respective field. While the section committees may discuss exemptions they will not build the sections on the basis of exemptions. Definitely “having experience” is not enough to be accepted as a professional member or member of a section.

Sections have the opportunity to apply for funding from the MIND Members Association to develop their own projects and will report to one of MIND’s associated departments.

By becoming a MIND member you can apply to join one or more of these sections.


This section is formed by mental health professionals (MHPs, i.e. psychiatrists, psychotherapists, nurses, etc.). The goal of this section is to read and discuss case studies and academic papers and collaborate on projects.

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This section is formed by biologists, pharmacologists, neuroscientists, and psychiatrists. Its aim is to promote scientific research related to the psychedelic experience, as well as professional collaborations and mentorship opportunities.

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This section is formed by members who have expertise in or are interested in legal and/or ethical matters concerning psychedelic substances. The goal of this section is to facilitate networking and research around the legal and ethical questions concerning psychedelic substances, research, and therapeutic use.

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This section is for artists from any discipline and for members with no art background but are passionate about art.

The section will be developed as a collaboration between MIND Members and EDGE-Blurring the Borders Between Art and Neuroscience.

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This section is for philosophers, anthropologists, sociologists or advanced students in these fields. Its aim is to develop a conceptual and theoretical framework around the psychedelic experience and to contribute to the shaping of a culture of consciousness or Bewusstseinskultur.

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Join MIND Members, formed by more than 900 members of like-minded medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, researchers, policymakers, artists, economists, students, and friends who support our vision and are committed to establishing the safe and legal therapeutic use of the psychedelic experience. The membership is organizing in sections with particular interests. Members from different fields and sections come together in events like panels and internal lectures or the Members Convention.