MIND Integration Facilitator Training

What is the MIND Integration Facilitator Training ?

We offer the MIND Integration Facilitator Training for those who have participated in BEYOND EXPERIENCE (BE) and FOOTSTEPS and want to bring the integrative approach to the psychedelic experience into the world. With your help, we want to build a culture of integration that uses psychedelic experiences as a tool for personal and societal development. Our goal as a team is to build a network of facilitators that can make BE and FOOTSTEPS available around the globe. We believe in the necessity to implement integration as a key concept for those who search for meaningful and wholesome psychedelic experiences. You will benefit from our long hours of intensive preparation and years of expertise with altered states of consciousness and training as BEYOND and FOOTSTEPS facilitators.


BEYOND EXPERIENCE (BE) is a 4-day intensive workshop that guides participants through all aspects of psychedelic integration, while being supported by an intense group process. It is both for everybody and for mental health professionals seeking to learn about themselves and their experiences. The course’s main goal is to engage in a deep integration process and help you remember, express, and consciously connect with your psychedelic experiences to create meaningful change. A group of professional practicioners worked together for over three years to distill a program that covers the diverse aspects of the psychedelic experience as a tool for self-development.


Footsteps is a 6-week online group process (3-4 h per week). Participants explore one of their previous psychedelic experiences in-depth. The main goal of the courseis to understand how psychedelic experiences can play a beneficial role in one’s life. Throughout the course, participants are guided through a process of transforming avoidance into acceptance. They begin to create awareness of their biographical patterns and are encouraged to use their psychedelic experience as a springboard for positive action and real-life change.

Training Program Dates

There are two Facilitator trainings in 2022. A 3-day training (September 16-18, 2022), and a 2-day training for very experienced facilitators and professionals (October 18-19, 2022). The training program focuses on the training manuals and the associated techniques you need as a professional integration facilitator.

The 3-day-training* is followed by a supervised co-facilitation in BEYOND EXPERIENCE (BE) workshops and FOOTSTEPS online courses. This facilitation happens alongside the core team members and includes mentorship by one of the core team. You can freely choose the BEYOND workshops or FOOTSTEPS courses for your co-facilitation.

*or 2-day training, if you participate in the training for very experienced facilitators and professionals

Pre-requisites of the training

The MIND Integration Facilitator Training will teach you how to facilitate both BEYOND EXPERIENCE workshops and FOOTSTEPS online courses.
Therefore, you need to participate in at least one of the two programs. All prerequisites are listed below.

  1. Participation in at least one BEYOND EXPERIENCE workshop or one FOOTSTEPS online course
  2. Academic background in psychology, public health, neuroscience, medicine, philosophy, or a related field (minimum: Bachelor´s degree)
  3. Basic technical knowledge, particularly with Zoom
  4. Experience in facilitating groups (needs to be demonstrated)
  5. Extended Self-experience in altered states of consciousness
  6. Interview with one of the BE core team in order to clarify motives, motivation, and communication skills
  7. Will to adhere to the MIND Code of conduct in the context of training and facilitation

If you don’t meet the criteria, but feel that you should be training as a MIND Integration facilitator anyway or have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team under [email protected]

Costs of the Training

The costs for the training are 2900€ (you can easily refinance these costs by actively facilitating workshops after the training).
Paying by installments is also possible.

These costs include:
  • Exclusive 3-day/2-day facilitator training in a small group of maximum 12 people (accommodation not included)
  • Supervised co-facilitation / apprenticeship in a BEYOND EXPERIENCE workshop and a FOOTSTEPS online course
  • Mentorship (20 hours of individual and group supervision and further training, maximum duration 12 months after facilitator training) by one of MIND´s core team members
  • BEYOND EXPERIENCE facilitator workbook
  • Certification as a MIND Integration facilitator (at appraisal by the MIND Integration team, extra training or co-facilitation might be advised)

Apply now

Develop your skills as a professional facilitator and make a positive impact. We are looking for people with integrity, compassion, and a risk-aware attitude towards psychedelic experiences. Is that you? Then apply now and we will get back to you within one week.


Program Quality, Adherence and Ethical Standards

The right to independent facilitation of BE or FOOTSTEPS is not automatically acquired through participation in the facilitator training but must be explicitly granted by the MIND Foundation through a MIND Integration facilitator certificate. Certification requires the personal and professional maturity of the applicant, as well as sufficient skill and understanding in handling integrative processes and the psychedelic experience.

All copyrights for BEYOND EXPERIENCE and FOOTSTEPS stay with the MIND Foundation, and all courses held externally have to be registered on the MIND website. Changes in pricing and relevant changes in the workshop implementation need to be agreed upon with the MIND team.

In cases of serious infringements of the MIND Code of Conduct or relevant actions against the spirit of MIND´s Integration Program, the right to facilitate BEYOND EXPERIENCE and FOOTSTEPS can be withdrawn by the MIND Foundation.

Read all F.A.Q.

Do you have questions? Contact us!

You can write us an email via [email protected] If you wish, we can also schedule a free call.


Learn about the trainers for the Facilitator Training

  • Dr. Henrik Jungaberle

    Executive Director

  • Dr. med. Andrea Jungaberle

    Medical & Team Advisor

  • Sergio Pérez Rosal, M.D.

    Medical & Training Advisor

  • Simona Rakusa, M.A.

    Breathwork Facilitator | Integration Facilitator