INSIGHT 2019 – International Conference

Research about the psychedelic state and its applications in medical, therapeutic and other contexts has entered a new phase. Dozens of international Universities are involved in basic, clinical and public health research about classical psychedelics, novel substances, and the contexts that facilitate positive, sustainable or negative outcomes.

The INSIGHT 2019 was an international conference on the science and practice of psychedelic states. More than 600 researchers, clinicians and the public participated in the discussion with international experts and young researchers. They additionally explored therapeutical methods in the workshops and with the art and consciousness tools on the conference. In 2021 we will welcome more experts from the fields of medicine, neuroscience, psychotherapy, philosophy, the social and political sciences, public health, and policy making.

The INSIGHT 2021 will again be hosted by the MIND Foundation who’s goal is to help create a responsible and evidence-based Bewusstseinskultur – integrating the complexity and usefulness of altered states – both induced by pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods.

35+ CME/CE credits for medical doctors and psychotherapists are expected in 2021 – for the conference and pre-conference workshops.

Read all about INSIGHT 2019 – a conference on integrating the science and practice of psychedelic states. The conference report provides you with a spectrum of information on what has been achieved with this conference.

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