The ASC.Study.Monitor is a freely accessible and regularly updated bibliography and (full-text) library of relevant technical publications concerning altered states of consciousness (ASCs). It also contains associated conceptual and empirical findings from the field of “mind & brain sciences”, which include philosophy, psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, and medicine, as well as the humanities and cultural studies. By making available this carefully compiled resource, MIND is supporting the provision of multidisciplinary information to researchers, students and therapists. This in turn creates the necessary framework to enable a unified, empirically oriented, coherent, and integrated theory of consciousness in terms of its capabilities, states and pathologies. Moreover, the ASC.Study.Monitor represents a responsible source with which journalistically informed individuals can disarm the taboos surrounding discussion of this subject, and thus facilitates the long-overdue political and medical rehabilitation of psychedelic science.


Based on a regularly updated corpus of approximately 100 keywords, which has been defined for purposes of this work as the frame of reference for the term ‘psychedelic experience’, relevant texts are identified by means of auto-crawling (e.g. Google Scholar Alerts). This is supplemented by focused manual searches of databases (e.g. PubMed) and social networks (e.g. Research Gate) for technical publications. Search results are carefully evaluated and selected with the help of a criteria selection profile that considers scientific relevance, methodological quality, and bibliometric impact. They are then finally added to the reference management program Mendeley, complete with abstract, metadata, and (if accessible) full text, or are made available through a private group on Mendeley. Particularly relevant texts are highlighted at regular intervals via MIND’s social media channels (such as Facebook).