APT Admission Criteria, Admission Process, Tuition

Formal Criteria & Eligibility Requirements

Admission Deadline: March 30th, 2021!!

Qualification Category I: Therapists

You can apply as a

(1) Medical doctor with training in psychotherapy
(2) Psychotherapist

Upon completion of year one you will receive a Certificate in Integration Therapy and upon completion of year three a Certificate in Augmented Psychotherapy (Individual Breathwork, Ketamine, Psychedelics).

If you are still in the process of completing your psychotherapy training, you can join the APT program but will be eligible to receive your certifications upon completing your original therapeutic training.

Qualification Category II: Co-Therapists

You can apply as either a

(3) Medical doctor without psychotherapy training
(4) Clinical psychologist without psychotherapy training
(5) Family and couples therapist with an academic qualification in a relevant field (minimum: BA/BSc)
(6) Psychological counselor/coach with an academic qualification in a relevant field (minimum: BA/BSc)
(7) Complementary therapist (e.g. music-, body-, art-therapy, couples therapy)
(8) Psychiatric nurse
(9) Social worker, addiction therapist
(10) Theologists with psychotherapeutic training

Upon completion of year one, you will receive a Certificate in Integration Counseling.  Depending on your individual qualification you can apply for the Certificate in Integration Therapy.
Upon completion of year three, you will receive a Certificate as Co-Therapist in Augmented Psychotherapy. This certificate will qualify you to work in a therapeutic team under the supervision of a medical doctor or psychotherapist who has obtained the certification and is certified to apply breathwork, ketamine, and psychedelics in a psychotherapeutic process.

Applicants with a substantial background in psychological or psychotherapeutic treatment will be preferred in the selection process.
Required for certification: Equivalent to a police clearance certificate, not previously convicted for capital crimes or drug offenses.
Language level: English C1 or higher
Age: 25 +++
If you want to participate only in the first year you will receive the Certificate in Integration Therapy.


Personality-based selection criteria and process

After assessing your formal qualifications the selection process proceeds with a motivational letter, after which a maximum of two live interviews will determine whether you are suitable to participate in the APT training.

1. Motivational letter (max 2 pages)
2. Selection Interview

Eligible candidates will be invited for a selection interview.

3. Personal Inclusion criteria
4. Exclusion criteria



Tuition for 3-year APT

Standard Price: Euro 7980.- per year
Payment options
Application Fee

For considering your application a separate Euro 100 non-refundable application fee is charged

Admission Deadline

March 30th, 2021!!


Please use the following email to submit your requests: APT-training-requests (at) mind-foundation.org

Organizational information

The MIND Foundation is a European non-profit registered under German law (HRB 220247 B). Revenue from the MIND Academy cannot be extracted by individuals. It is fully used to support the public benefit purposes of the organization and reduce our dependence on donations for core activities – providing us and you with the opportunity to use donations for research and social projects.


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