Research Fellowships

The MIND Foundation’s Research Fellowship program 2020 provides two fellowships for doctoral students. These fellowships are closely linked to the Psilocybin Depression study lead by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Gründer at the ZI Mannheim and Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

To qualify for the fellowship, applicants need to meet the following preconditions:

  1. Speak German fluently (C1/C2)
  2. Obtained a Master Degree in a relevant field* within the last five years
  3. Experience in qualitative (Fellowship 1) or quantitative clinical research (Fellowship 2)

The application period for the fellowship program 2020 has been concluded.

We will inform you via our newsletter as soon as the application phase for further positions begins.

Fellowship 1:

Qualitative Analysis of Patient Interviews from the Psilocybin Depression Study with a special focus on General versus specific factors of subjective effectiveness and therapy outcome defined by clinical endpoints.

Fellowship 2:

Influence of Mindfulness pre-, during and post-psilocybin treatment on treatment outcome.

Financial support

The MIND Foundation offers financial support for Ph.D. students. Doctoral fellows receive € 1,350 a month, comprising a basic monthly stipend of € 1,250 and a research allowance of € 100 a month.

In addition, fellows can apply for a contribution towards the costs of health insurance, amounting to 50 % of documented costs to a maximum of € 100 a month. Family and childcare allowances are available for doctoral fellows.

Additional research or academic activities corresponding to 20% of a fulltime position may be pursued to supplement the scholarship to promote integration in the research context.

This means: Financial support is compatible with part-time employment if this activity constitutes no more than 20% of a regular weekly workload and is pursued in an area of research and teaching at a university or non-university research institution.

The level of payment is irrelevant and will not be credited against the doctoral funding. For other income (e.g., from letting and leasing, pensions, investment income), a tax-free allowance of € 3,070 a year applies after deduction of payable income and church tax as well as expenses of a provident nature recognized under tax law, increasing by € 1,025 for each dependent child.
Any additional income must be credited against the financial support.