Alina Shron

intimacy and integration coach, BEYOND EXPERIENCE facilitator

Alina Shron is an intimacy and integration coach, tantric bodyworker, and facilitator of transformational processes for individuals, couples, and groups. She graduated with a BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences (University College Utrecht) with a major in Philosophy and minor in Psychology, and holds an MA in Cognition and Communication (University of Copenhagen).

In 2018, she quit her Ph.D. in cognitive anthropology (University Sorbonne Paris Cité) to embrace group- and body-work as a more effective way to change minds, heal hearts, and transform lives. Combining interdisciplinary academic study of human nature with 15 years of personal practice in various somatic traditions (yoga, tantra & drama), she is committed to spreading the art of loving: one exhalation at a time.

With her work at MIND, she wishes to contribute to a culture of safe and conscious employment of psychedelic experiences to support the process of unlearning patterns that inhibit our natural capacity to cultivate authentic intimacy with ourselves and our lived world.

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