EDGE – Blurring the Borders Between Art and Neuroscience

Non-profit association

EDGE – Blurring the Borders Between Art and Neuroscience is a Berlin-based registered non-profit association. EDGE is at a unique intersection between neuroscience research laboratories, institutes, scientists, and artists. Using art to communicate cutting-edge science requires interdisciplinary approaches, which EDGE fosters by building a synergistic community and networking platform, as well as encouraging knowledge exchange and discussion. In regular workshops with invited speakers, EDGE explores the intersection between neuroscience and creativity. In annual multimedia art exhibitions, the project leverages this by supporting artists to showcase immersive and interactive neuroscience art experiences open to members of the public.

The four core members of EDGE are:
Tatiana Luphasina, Amelia Young, Corinna Kühnapfel, and Ian Erik Stewart

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