Abigail Calder is a co-editor for the MIND Blog and the coordinator for Elements of Science. She is passionate about writing badly, and then writing better. She also loves to bring scientific research to anyone who is interestedand perhaps some who are notthrough presentations, articles, and conversations.

Outside of MIND, Abigail is a doctoral candidate in medical neuroscience at the University of Fribourg. Her main project concerns various effects of LSD on the human brain, including both acute drug effects and the so-called “afterglow” phenomenon. In 2020, she completed her M.Sc. in neuroscience from the University of Bonn, where her thesis concerned the effects of THC on memory in ageing mice. She is also a regular contributor at Psychedelic Science Review.

Although a scientist at heart, Abigail knows that research findings don’t impact the world outside the lab without some help. She came to the MIND Foundation because it is uniquely positioned between research and education, and she hopes to help people access accurate and responsible information about psychedelic research, therapy, and integration.

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