University: University of Oxford

Field of Study: Neuroscience

Academic title: Master’s Degree

Internship period: August – October 2021

Main tasks during your internship: – Blog Translation Group
– INSIGHT 2021 preparation and support
– Assisting with Blog editing and the Molecules program

Motivation Statement:I wanted to intern with MIND because I felt aligned to the values and mission of the foundation. From an academic perspective, I hoped to learn about emerging topics in psychedelic research and neuroscience. From a personal perspective, I felt motivated to contribute, even in a small way, to MIND’s vision for a healthier, more connected world.

How did the internship benefit you? What insights did you gain?: The varied experiences amongst a dynamic and driven team developed my confidence and communication skills. I gained insights into current challenges and future directions in the psychedelic field. It also provided valuable insights into the operations and strategies of a rapidly growing organisation. I am grateful to have learned from so many kind, motivated, and bright human beings. Thank you!

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