My name is Anton Meshkov. At the time of interning at MIND (November 2020 – February 2021), I was a student of EMJD Euroculture. My main interests lay in the field of culture. However, when it was time to do an internship, I chose MIND to contribute to the developing psychedelic field in Europe. This decision came, first of all, from my personal fascination with the substances and with their influence on the Western culture.
During my internship, I worked at the RKE department helping to develop a translation system for the MIND Blog. I also did some video and photo editing, presented at a uniMIND meeting, and a lot of other different things.
The most valuable thing I got during my stay at MIND was an absolutely unique approach towards psychedelics. I was inspired by the team’s scientific and rigorous research of every minor fact when it came to communicating something about substances or any other augmented psychotherapy practice. I learned so much while interning at MIND, I will need some time to process it.
I was once doubting if I should join MIND for my internship, now I can proudly say that I don’t have any regrets about my decision. And I definitely hope to cross paths with MIND again.

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