1. Can you please introduce yourself?
Hey You! I’m Barbara Braun, clinical Psychologist (M. Sc.), certified Sport Psychologist, and therein active in the field of (sexual) violence prevention and mental health of young athletes and coaches. I am working scientifically at the Catholic University of Eichstätt on human perception of music quality- discovering certain limits of consciousness. I did my internship at MIND from August – November 2020.

2. Why did you intern at MIND?
It was a logical step for me to apply for an internship. Let’s figure out why: Human behavior and perception are the main aspects of psychology. Consciousness & Moral- Philosophy as my interests on top lead my curiosity to the obviously forgotten values of altered states of consciousness, which I missed in psychology studies. Becoming aware of the huge impact psychedelics could have in combination with psychotherapeutic interventions, I couldn’t help apply for an internship. And it worked out!

3. What did you work on during your internship?
I mainly worked for the MIND Academy’s Integration Workshops “Beyond Experience” and “Footsteps,” and contributed to the “Research and Knowledge” Section with blog article writing, reviewed Websites, presentations and a currently “in the record” audiobook, and prepared a new “element of science.”

4. What did you get out of your internship?
Acceptance. I experienced a non-judgemental attitude towards me as an athlete and as a various interested psychologist. Connectedness. Being surrounded by aware and open-minded people who are curious and creative made me feel in the right place and empowered me to open up without that certain fear of rejection. Insights. As my intuition already “had made me know, “… I became more aware of my own values and the way I’m thinking about “how to be a good person,” “how to live a good life,” how to connect to other people and create valuable relationships and – last but not least: my own potential to contribute to “Bewusstseinskultur” and healthier and more connected world by using my different skills and interests, mix them with my passion for movements and music and become a psychotherapist with an integrative understanding of the value of consciousness and its states.

5. What would you like potential interns to know about your experience?
It changes something 🙂 go for it.

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