Ben is a medical doctor specialized in anesthesiology and emergency medicine. Having spent the past decade with acutely ill and intensive care patients in his work, he knows how to deal with acute alterations of the physical or mental state. He also trains medical professionals and laypeople in Basic and Advanced Life Support skills.

Before he studied medicine in Heidelberg and Mannheim, he lived and traveled in Central- and South America for a couple of years, where he learned about traditional plant medicine and psychedelic therapy. The work of the MIND Foundation was the missing link between his somatic approach towards understanding the conditio humana and his interest for altered states of consciousness.

Ben got involved with BEYOND EXPERIENCE as an enthusiastic participant and then trained to be a facilitator.

In his spare time, he loves rock climbing, yoga, and singing with Projekt Kiezchor. Ben believes in the free will, the possibility to change and the power of music and communities.

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