Camile is a Research and Knowledge Exchange associate, Blog Translation Group Coordinator and MMA Neuroscience Section’s advisor. He graduated from Pharmacy in France and is currently a Neuroscience Master’s student at VU Amsterdam.

Camile’s main interests lie in psychopharmacology and mental health. He believes that consciousness and neuropsychiatric research constitute a fascinating challenge for humanity.

Camile got involved in this field during the second year of his pharmacy track. He discovered the research on meditation and psychedelics, two formidable tools for studying the neural correlations associated with consciousness and mental well-being from a psychopharmacological perspective and offering a tremendous therapeutic potential to investigate. Since then, Camile has been dedicated to this field and had the opportunity to intern several times in neuroscience research laboratories, working on EEG and Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation research, and wrote two pre-prints psychedelics for depression.

During his last pharmacy internship, Camile enjoyed working with the MIND Foundation, contributing to building a healthier, more connected world. He was finally able to approach the research that always made his passion for the field while interacting with a vast community of passionate members and staff.

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