Dr. Julia Wertheim works at the MIND Foundation as Science Communications Manager with the aim of making scientific knowledge accessible and understandable to everyone.

She studied Liberal Arts and Science (B.Sc./B.A.) at University College Freiburg and University College Maastricht, focussing on life sciences, cognitive sciences, and philosophy. In 2021, Julia finished her Ph.D. in cognitive sciences at the Cognitive Computation Lab at Freiburg University. She researched the cognitive processes of human reasoning by neuroscientific methods.

Julia always had widespread interests and is very fond of transdisciplinary approaches. Apart from her strong interest in neuroscience, she is trained as a mediator and is currently training to become a Gestalt therapist. In the last years, her interests in psychedelics expanded from a computational and neuroscientific angle towards a more integrative view encompassing experiential and psychotherapeutic approaches.

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