Academic background:  Practitioner   

Target language: German 

Short bio: After receiving her license as a “Heilpraktiker” in Germany, Eva moved to California, the USA in 1998. She continued her training in the healing arts studying CranioSacral and Polarity Therapy. A few years later she moved to Portland, OR where she studied Tibetan Buddhism extensively at Maitripa College. In 2012 she started to study somatic-oriented trauma therapies with and without the assistance of substances such as Cannabis and Ketamine. In 2021 she moved back to Germany to close a circle in her life and continue to work as a Heilpraktiker in Munich, Germany. 

Why do you support the BTG? Seeing the incredible results in my healing and others through the use of psychedelics in therapy settings has made me very passionate about getting out the information. Education is very important to ensure the proper use of these powerful substances so they can facilitate healing in safe settings. 

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