Academic background:  Medical student at Uppsala University

Target language: Swedish 

Short bio: Since a few years back, I have been living and studying medicine in Uppsala. Alongside my studies, I have taken courses in conscious philosophy and before this, theoretical philosophy at Stockholm University. Due to my passion for consciousness research, I look forward to learning more about this field – especially work on psychiatric disorders and the impacts of meditation. As well as English and Swedish, I speak Spanish and German. I hope to study and do research abroad, perhaps in Germany, in the future. 

Why do you support the BTG? Since I started my studies, I’ve been interested in the mechanisms of the mind and exploring consciousness, but have found it difficult to find current and scientific research about these themes. Finding the BTG made it much easier for me to deepen my knowledge in the field and I saw the possibility to become a contributor as a great opportunity to both be a part of helping to make research more accessible to people and to learn more and keep myself updated. 

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