Academic background: Psychologist and Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, Psychophysiology, and Personality

Target language: Italian

Short bio: After graduating and getting a Doctoral Degree at the Sapienza University of Rome, I’m now specializing in Health Psychology, with a focus on continuous education in Health Public Services. During my academic activity, I explored different research domains, such as sleep psychophysiology, electrophysiological correlates of mindfulness meditation (for which I’m a certified trainer), and visual perception.

Why do you support the BTG? Based on my research experience, I believe that psychedelics can play an important role in the neuroscientific exploration of consciousness and the brain. However, they have often been ostracized by unfounded cultural beliefs. Contributing to the BTG, I believe I can help to update those beliefs, hopefully contributing to open new pathways for neuroscientific research and clinical practice.

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