Felicitas is Program Manager in the Augmented Psychotherapy Training in Germany and North America online and offline.

She has a background in Business Studies (BSc), Medical Anthropology (MA) as well as somatic arts therapy, hospitality and experience design. She has been passionate about exploring salutogenesis, cross-cultural perspectives on health, mental wellbeing and consciousness, as well as building regenerative systems that support healthy ecosystems.

Felicitas has been curating mindfulness- and community-based learning experiences that cultivate deeper relationships to self, others and nature. While collaborating with pioneering hotels and eco-village projects, such as Zunya, Scorpios and Slow by Claus Sendlinger, she also recently co-founded Pura Vida Festival Retreat, dedicated to aligning personal and planetary wellbeing.

At Mind Foundation she is motivated to contribute her learnings in anthropology, somatic arts therapy and experience design. Her mission is to support the emergence of holistic and regenerative systems that create a more inter-connected and healthy world. Her goal is to understand more in-depth how psychedelics can be safely integrated into the psychotherapeutic process. Follow her on instagram, @felicitasvallot.

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