Academic background: Medical Doctor and currently a Master student in Neuroscience and Cognition

Target language: Italian

Short bio: I studied Medicine in Italy and already during my studies I was very fascinated about the mind and the brain. After graduating I moved to Germany and had a hiatus from the medical field, during which I pursued my passion for making music and I had time to reflect on my life and professional choices. I realized that I still wanted to be involved in science but from another perspective, therefore I decided to enrol in the Master’s programme Neuroscience and Cognition in Utrecht. My interest in psychedelics and their healing potential developed alongside my life choices.

Why do you support the BTG? I only recently discovered MIND Foundation and I decided to become a member because I love how it supports the spread of evidence-based knowledge about the use of psychedelics. I think it is crucial that professionals who know about the huge benefit that a correct use of these substances could bring to millions of people, raise awareness about it. This is also why I wanted to be part of the MIND Blog Translation Group: to help spread the knowledge about psychedelics among the general Italian public and fight the misinformation that already in the past prevented advances in this field.

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