University: Universidade de Coimbra

Field of Study: Medicine

Academic title: MD

Internship period: July-September 2021

Main tasks during your internship: Communications Department, mostly working in the INSIGHT Team. Blog Translation Group as well.

Motivation Statement: As a psychiatry resident, every day I have new patients with severe treatment resistant depression, anxiety disorders, substance use disorder and other pathologies that throughout the years have increased their resistance to the current therapeutics we have available. The patients usually come to me hopeless and a lot of times I don’t have the solution for them. I truly believe that psychedelic substances are an important tool to explore in psychiatry and I was really curious about the work that MIND was doing.

How did the internship benefit you? What insights did you gain?: All the work that I did in my internship made me grow up a lot. Being part of this organization and understanding how it works  helped me a lot improving some management and communication skills that will be important for my future work and personal life. I loved working here! During these months I felt supported and helped not only by my superiors, but also by my colleagues. Everyone was always ready to help with a smile on their faces.

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