Name: Kasey Devitt

Email: [email protected]

University: Capella University

Field of Study: Psychology

Academic title: Bachelor’s Degree

Internship period: February- May 2022

Main tasks during your internship: Graphic design, creating brochures, graphic cards, editing videos, and side tasks upon request.

Motivation Statement: I am interested in the mechanisms of psychedelics, specifically in psychology and neuroscience. I hope to combine the knowledge I gain in psychology and neuroscience to work with psychedelics. I find psychedelics to be a quite effective tool for therapy and human development. I wanted to begin by working in a setting such as a psychedelic start-up to obtain experience.

How did the internship benefit you? What insights did you gain?: The internship cleaned up my graphic design skills, for one. I got an insight into new topics and talks related to psychedelics and research. I also got to connect with many like-minded people.

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