Academic Background:  I’m an integrative physician that leads a private at-home-based practice combining conventional medicine, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bioenergetics, and Psychedelic-assisted Therapy in the form of group workshops. My aim is to expand the concept of medicine and bring my patients into their own healing path. 

target language: Spanish 

short bio: I’m 33 years old. I live in the countryside in the mountains of Colombia-South America where I was also born. I was raised in the context of a family that was welcoming of different concepts about life, science, spirituality, and philosophy. I started to find in biology a path where I could understand myself better and was inspired by genetics to pursue a career in medicine. Shortly after starting medical school, I realized I needed a broader frame of concepts to truly bring healing to my future patients. I embarked on a journey that allowed me to learn from different traditions and systems of health and healing. I consider myself an eternal student and that’s why I’m always learning something new and integrating it into my medical practice. I am currently very involved in the new renaissance of Psychedelic through the work done in a Colombian-based Foundation called Consciencia VIBA that supports and leads various processes for people interested in leading both a good life and a good death. 

Why do you support the BTG? I support the BTG because I admire the work done by the MIND Foundation and I believe that with knowledge comes wisdom, so, by bringing this knowledge to more and more people we can contribute to the wisdom of humanity. 

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