Linda Freund’s journalism career has taken her all over the globe. She reported on poverty and social enterprise across rural India, FDLR combatants in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Japan’s 2011 earthquake from the disaster zone.

Linda is currently a freelance multimedia journalist based in Barcelona, Spain. Before this, she was a staff senior video journalist in The Wall Street Journal’s San Francisco and Hong Kong bureaus for nearly five years.

Prior to this, she worked as a foreign correspondent across South Asia and East Africa for NPR, VOA and the WSJ. She filed print, radio and video stories from multiple conflict-zones, investigating such topics as the fate of Nepal’s Maoist rebel camps and stone pelters in militarized Kashmir.

In 2014, she interviewed Nobel laureate, Dr. James Allison, on his groundbreaking work to unleash the body’s own immune system to attack cancer cells. Since then, she’s been fascinated by this broader question: how can we activate our bodies and minds to heal themselves?  Psychedelic therapies have exactly this potential. She’s grateful to support the MIND Foundation’s efforts to bring this message to the world.

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