University: Leipzig Universität/Universität Wien

Field of Study: Global Studies

Academic title: Master’s Degree

Internship period: June-September 2021

Main tasks during your internship: -Newsletter drafting -social media posting and scheduling -Assistant to Director of Communications Sasha Silberberg in outreach to organizations for promotional sponsorships and other collaborations -INSIGHT 2021 contributions -Marketing efforts (drip campaigns, ads)

Motivation Statement:I was looking for a way to enter the psychedelic research community and be a part of the discussion, while at the same time contributing to a budding organization whose mission I strongly align with. I was not lacking experience in the field of communications, but I was struggling to find a field I could connect with and I thought MIND could help me better understand which direction I had to aim for.

How did the internship benefit you? What insights did you gain?: The biggest benefits concerned the networking aspect:  I was able to meet people who would like to carry out projects in the psychedelic field in the future, and who have similar interests to mine which we can discuss. I gained many insights into how psychedelic research can evolve and the kind of jobs that will consequently arise: I would have liked to work in coaching or as a co-therapist and I believe this internship has given me many ideas on how I can do that even with my not-fully-pertinent background of studies.

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