Academic background: B.A. Art History (Univ. of Copenhagen), Stud. Psych. (Univ. of Southern Denmark) 

Target languages: Polish and Danish 

Short bio: After a few years of working in fine arts, I decided to become a traveling yoga teacher. I moved between 3 continents, taught a bunch, and learned even more. I am a proponent of a holistic approach to life and holistic healing methods, and therefore I am very excited to witness the progress of a new therapeutic paradigm and a novel approach to psychotherapy that emerges with psychedelic research. 

Why do you support the BTG? I know that access to reliable psychedelic research is not equal for different language groups. If we want to disseminate the knowledge and the research conducted in the field, we need to have multiple language outlets, so high-quality content finds its way to people across cultures, countries, and language groups. 

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