University: University of Salzburg / KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Field of Study: Psychology / Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

Academic title: M.Sc.

Internship period: April – September 2021

Main tasks during your internship: I was mainly involved in organizing the INSIGHT 2021 conference which included a variety of tasks ranging from online marketing to on-site management.

Motivation Statement: Intrigued by the philosophical question of the good life, I decided to transition from business consulting to the fields of psychology and philosophy. After learning about the potential in psychedelic research I wanted to get involved in this field and contribute to a responsible and ethical unfolding of the psychedelic renaissance.

How did the internship benefit you? What insights did you gain?: Now that I’m familiar with the latest developments in psychedelic research and had a chance to talk to so many interesting people in the field,  I’m more convinced than ever that I want to work in this field.

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