Academic background:  B.A. in Digital Media

Target language: German

Short bio: I have been working in software engineering for a number of startups and established companies, on products centred upon complex and large distributed systems. Within these often highly technical and rational environments, I put a lot of love, empathy and humility into my work, especially when interacting with or managing people.

Why do you support the BTG? About two decades ago, I became interested in altered states of consciousness, and was disappointed with the often “guruesque” or purely hedonistic approaches of the subcultures I’d encountered. I see a potential in psychedelic substances to help grow individuals and societies beyond what they are today, not only by helping people who suffer from mental conditions, but also by guiding us to overcome empty beliefs, drop toxic behaviors, and foster more positive emotions by focusing on what actually matters to us. I believe that being wide open to other ways of thinking is key to human interaction, and that psychedelics may be a great instrument for personal development. However, I believe they need to be discussed and applied wisely and dispassionately. Discovering the MIND Foundation’s both scientific and multidisciplinary approach to this topic has again sparked my interest, and made me want to contribute in some way. Making the work more accessible by translating information, which many people including my family and friends would otherwise never read, seems a great way to do so.

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